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Program Overview


The Importance of Recognition

Every employee at John Carroll University contributes to the student experience. Employees who share our organizational values and provide exceptional student service deserve recognition. That is why we created the easy-to-use online recognition program: Carroll STAR. It is one of the many recognition programs we are proud to offer that supports our ongoing goal of being a great place to work and grow.


Recognition Criteria

All John Carroll employees are eligible to receive recognition through the Carroll STAR program. Employees will identify and recognize outstanding behaviors and performance that support John Carroll University values:

  • Outstanding Teamwork & Collaboration:  Recognizes employees caring for the whole person (cura personalis) through fostering exemplary cooperation, collaboration and open communication on a project or other significant program or activity that advances departmental goals and / or enhances an integrated student learning experience.
  • Enhancing the Student Experience:  Recognizes employees choosing the greater good (the magis) through making choices that result in the greater good for our students and the University by creating, supporting and/or actively participating in an innovative project, event, group or program that enhances the student experience. 
  • Striving for Excellence:  Recognizes employees who strive for excellence (ad majorem dei gloriam) by taking initiative and performing a job function with extraordinary care, attention to detail and precision.
  • Promoting an Inclusive Community:  Recognizes employees who model inclusivity and respect for diversity with the University community through their positive interactions with others.   
  • Leadership Excellence:Recognizes employees who demonstrate ethical leadership as positive agents of change for and with others. These employees also exhibit the values of honesty, integrity, courage and collaboration in engaging the University community. 
  • Demonstrating Service in Solidarity:  Recognizes employees who go beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference for others by working with individuals and communities in need of assistance. 
  • Innovative Solutions & Creativity:Recognizes employees who care for the University’s mission (cura apostilica) by exercising innovation, adaptability and stewardship in ways that enhance the long-term sustainability and viability of the University so it may continue to advance its Jesuit mission.   


It’s Easy to Get Started

To log on to your personalized Carroll STAR site, go to, where you will be prompted to:

• Enter your JCU email address for your Username.

• Enter your Banner ID for the password.  You will then be immediately prompted to change your password.

While you’re on the site, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Recognition tips and Site Use section on the Home page. If you have any problems entering the site or experience any other technical difficulties, please contact Human Resources.

A reminder to those with limited or no computer access at work. Employees can access from any computer. All you need is your email address and Banner ID.


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